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Ann our Managing Director is a seasoned traveller to The Middle East.   Watch her updates on her current trip to Dubai,  Abu Dhabi and Riyadh.   Here is what she would like to share about Dubai. 

There are only rare vacancies for Western-trained nurses in Dubai,  however, we see from Facebook updates that our placed nurses working in Riyadh and Jeddah like to make weekend trips to Dubai. 

I am prompted to share two items that Steve Harvey on Emirates airlines radio was presenting. 

1. Dubai has mountains!  - Al Hajar Mountains

Located about 90 minutes from Dubai.   An enclave in the  Emirate of Dubai.  About 400-500 meters in height, the mountains provide a chance to get close to nature with friends or family.  The Wadis fill when the rains come.  Lots of attractions have been developed.  There is a camping concept.  Take a hiking or biking mountain bike trail.  See more here

2. Opera 

At the forefront of live entertainment is Dubai Opera.   Live events seven days offers locals and visitors alike superb live entertainment from the Proms to Phantom Of The Opera.   Plan your visit and see what is on. 


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