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Wish to pay off your debts, save or spend a substantial amount of money? And enjoy 61 days paid holiday days at the same time?

Hiring staff nurses, charge nurses, assistant head nurses, head nurses and other more senior roles. 

2000 bedded hospital tertiary hospital with every speciality and sub speciality in adult, paediatrics and neonates.  Interview Dates: Lisbon November 17th, Madrid November 20th, Dublin November 23rd and London November 30th, 2017. 

It's easy when you have the Right Connection - Let Professional Connections connect you to National Guard Health Affairs.

Email: send an expression of interest to us to jobs@profco.com or want to meet us on our UK Roadshow in advance of the hospital interview. Locations and dates alternatively we will send you a comphrensive information pack and arrange a follow up call. 

Search jobs and Apply online www.nursinginsaudi.net or click on a vacancy listed below. 

Registered Nurse - Acute Surgical  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11846
Registered Nurse - Admission Nursery  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11714
Registered Nurse - Adult Cardiac Surgical High Dependency Unit  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11524
Registered Nurse - Adult Cardiology VIP  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=5497
Registered Nurse - Adult Hematology Oncology  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11975
Registered Nurse - Adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU 2)  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11625
Registered Nurse - Adult Stem Cell Transplant and Transitional Research  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11902
Registered Nurse - Adult Transplant Medical Surgical  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11918
Registered Nurse - Adult Transplant Medical Surgical  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=10716
Registered Nurse - Adult Transplant Medical Surgical (7B)  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=10711
Registered Nurse - Antenatal, Visas for females only  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=6246
Registered Nurse - Cardiac Catheterization  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11529
Registered Nurse - Cardiac Operating Room  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=12544
Registered Nurse - Cardiology  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11887
Registered Nurse - Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU)  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11896
Registered Nurse - Code Response Program  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11926
Registered Nurse - Day Care Operating Room  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11809
Registered Nurse - ECC Pediatrics  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=9466
Registered Nurse - Emergency Care Center  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11968
Registered Nurse - Emergency Department Triage  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=6456
Registered Nurse - Endoscopy  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11571
Registered Nurse for Riyadh Dialysis North Center  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=9415
Registered Nurse for Riyadh Dialysis South Center  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11580
Registered Nurse - General Medicine, Visas for females only.  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=9471
Registered Nurse - Gynae/Oncology  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11642
Registered Nurse - High Risk Antenatal  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11644
Registered Nurse - Home Health Care  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11962
Registered Nurse, Home Health Care. Male and Female Applicants Welcome.  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=8033
Registered Nurse in OR Heart Surgery  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=5426
Registered Nurse - Intermediate Care Nursery  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11719
Registered Nurse, Intermediate Care Nursery (ICN)  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=8064
Registered Nurse - Medical Day Care Unit (Infusion)  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11694
Registered Nurse - Medical Imaging  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11985
Registered Nurse/ Midwife - Labour and Delivery  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=8819
Registered Nurse - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11731
Registered Nurse - Nephrology and Renal Transplant  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11736
Registered Nurse - Neurosciences ICU  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=12555
Registered Nurse - Obstetrics  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=12556
Registered Nurse - Oncology  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11774
Registered Nurse - Oncology (Unit 62)  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11757
Registered Nurse - Operating Room  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11783
Registered Nurse - Paediatric Cardiology  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=8877
Registered Nurse - Paediatric Day Surgery  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11842
Registered Nurse - Paediatric Oncology High Dependency Unit  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11480
Registered Nurse - Paediatrics  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=10368
Registered Nurse - Pediatic Haematology  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=8812
Registered Nurse - Pediatric Cardiology  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11877
Registered Nurse Pediatric - Endoscopy Unit New Children's Hospital in Riyadh  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=8804
Registered Nurse - Pediatric General  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11474
Registered Nurse - Pediatric High Dependency  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11941
Registered Nurse - Pediatric Intensive Care Unit  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=6606
Registered Nurse Pediatric - Liver Step Down Unit  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=8818
Registered Nurse Pediatric - Medical Imaging Department  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=10370
Registered Nurse - Pediatric Medical Surgical (Nephro Med & Surg Ped)  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11479
Registered Nurse - Pediatric Medical Surgical (Neuro Med & Surg Ped)  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=10773
Registered Nurse - Pediatric Medical Surgical, Visas for females only  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=10777
Registered Nurse Pediatric - Operating Room  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=6540
Registered Nurse Pediatric - Operating Room Trauma Center  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=8048
Registered Nurse Pediatric - Post Anesthesia Care Unit  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=8805
Registered Nurse - Peritoneal Dialysis/ Dialysis Unit  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=10748
Registered Nurse - Post Partum  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11659
Registered Nurse - Post Partum  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11654
Registered Nurse - Pulmonology  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11789
Registered Nurse - Rapid Assessment and Management (RAM)  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11893
Registered Nurse - Rehab/Transitional Care  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=6519
Registered Nurse - Stroke / Neurology Unit  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11827
Registered Nurse - Surgical  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11855
Registered Nurse - Surgical  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11867
Registered Nurse - Surgical Intensive Care Unit  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11619
Registered Nurse - Trauma Services  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=12554
Registered Nurse - URGI Care Center  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11998
Registered Nurse -Vascular & Interventional Radiology  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=11978
Registered Nurse - Women's Oncology Medical Surgical  http://www.profco.com/index.php?job_id=10811


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