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Australia: Applying and the Process

I want to work in Australia, how do I apply?

A candidate can make their initial inquiry by sending their resume/CV to jobs@internationalnurserecruiter.com.

You should commence the process by registering with the nursing and midwifery board of Australia. Professional Connections can provide advice on the process.

Am I eligible to register in Australia and apply for a job through Professional Connections?

The requirements for eligibility for registration and application vary depending on your education and work experience. We will assist you with your AHPRA registration application.

I am not sure whether I want to apply or not, can I have information first?

Yes, much of the information you require is on this website. You can also call us and we are happy to answer your questions as well as discuss plausible options that fit within your skills and experience.

How will Professional Connections assist me?

How long do I have to commit to?

Every applicant is different. Some nurses want to go and work in Australia for a year and then return home, while others plan to stay a few years. There are also some, who plan to relocate permanently. We work to match you with the right opportunity for your goals. However, considering the cost and effort involved in the process for both you and the hospital, the hospitals want you to commit for at least one year.

What can you tell me about the Visa types?

When undertaking employment in Australia, there are currently three forms of Visa that you should consider applying for:

1. Working Holiday Maker Visa (WHMV) 

You can apply for a WHMV if you are between 18 and 31, and a citizen of the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Ireland, Korea, Malta, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong (HKSAR), Finland, Cyprus, France, Italy, Belgium, Estonia or Taiwan.

There is also a Work and Holiday Visa available to people from Chile, Thailand, Turkey and the United States. Visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website at http://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/working-holiday/462/ for more information.

2. Temporary Long-Stay Business Visa (subclass 457) 

Usually simply known as the "457", this visa is valid for up to four years and requires your potential employer to sponsor you and (if necessary) your spouse and dependents. Application for the 457 cannot begin until you accept a job offer from a hospital in Australia. The process takes about twelve weeks on average.

There are a number of requirements to be met prior to a hospital applying for your sponsorship nomination, and candidates will be assisted throughout this process by his or her personal recruitment coordinator at Profco. The 457 is the most commonly requested and issued visa among all of our applicants. You will get a transaction reference number (TRN) from Professional Connections once you are approved for a post in Australia. After that, you can then apply for the visa online.

All sponsored employees on a Subclass 457 Visa:

3. Permanent Residency Visa (PR)

A PR Visa is the most time consuming and potentially problematic Visa offered by the Australian authorities. Applying for the Permanent Residency Visa outside Australia takes approximately three to six months to process, and requires a great deal of paperwork. Should you choose to apply for this visa, your personal recruitment coordinator will assist and advise you throughout the process.

We should emphasize that the Permanent Residency Visa is only recommended to those candidates who are prepared for a longer recruitment process, and are absolutely sure that employment in Australia is the right career path for them. You should note that the Permanent Residency visa is only offered to nurses who have children of school age (4+). Also note that if you have children with you but do not have PR, you would have to pay school fees of 4500 Australian Dollars per child.

Visa Pricing Estimator

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How long will the process take?

Following an interview it should take about 5 days to receive your employment offer.

After you are police cleared and the hospital has a copy of your Australian Nursing Registration Certificate, sponsorship takes 1-8 weeks depending on whether you have a long stay 457 visa or a permanent residency visa. The long stay visa (for 1 year to 4 years) can be applied for online and it usually takes about 2 to 3 months depending on how fast your medical is cleared. Permanent residency takes 5 to 7 months on average.

Therefore the average time from initial inquiry, registration, interview to travel will take 6 to 8 months for a 457 long stay visa and 9 to 12 months for Permanent residency visa.

How will I be interviewed?

We leverage all forms of communications - telephone interviews, Skype interviews, when possible, as well as face to face interviews. Sometimes representatives from NSW Health come to the UK, Ireland and USA to conduct face-to-face interviews, but mostly you will have a telephone interview direct with the nurse manager on the unit for which you have been shortlisted.

What paperwork will be required?

For your employer:

Sounds like a lot of paperwork?

Yes, there is, and that is why you need our assistance to guide you through each part of the recruitment process. We have helped hundreds of nurses so we know how to get you through it all!

How much will it cost in total for me to become a nurse in Australia?

The following table covers the most significant costs involved (check current exchange rates to see these prices in your own local currency):

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