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Arrival & Travel

Will I get a free flight?

No, you have to pay for your own flight. Some rural and remote locations provide relocation assistance at times .

Will there be housing for me and my family on arrival?

Generally the hospitals do not provide accommodation. You will need to contact an estate agent to assist you on arrival.

Professional Connections can meet you on arrival and you will receive advice from our meet n' greet colleagues in Sydney about where to stay on arrival (but you will need to pay for this yourself). The only exceptions are some remote areas which offer relocation packages.

What do I do soon after arrival?

  1. Apply for a tax file number
  2. Register with Medicare
  3. Open a bank account
  4. Register with Centrelink
  5. Contact the Health Undertaking Service
  6. Enroll your children in a school.
  7. Apply for a driver's license

How do I apply for a driver's license?

If you are a permanent resident visa holder and have a current driver's license from another country, you are allowed to drive for your first 3 months after arrival. The license must be in English or with an official translation from an acceptable source

After that, if you want to drive, you will need to have the appropriate Australian driver's license. This will usually require you to pass a knowledge test, a practical driving test, and an eyesight test. In Australia, driver's licenses are issued by state and territory governments.

If you do not hold a license from another country you will need to pass a Driver Knowledge test to get a learner's permit.

All license applicants need to:

Recognized countries

Holders of a car or driver license from one of the following countries are exempt from the knowledge test and practical driving test when applying for a NSW license of the same class:

Proof of identity and requirements are explained in the brochure "How to prove who you are to the RTA", which can be collected from any RTA registry office.

For more information or to find out about driving if you are a temporary visa holder, visit the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) website www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/index.html or call the RTA Call Service Centre on 13 2213.

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