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Who are the patients?

Your patients will be both Saudi nationals and foreigners, as there are also many expats living in Saudi Arabia. You may also be asked to treat Saudi hospital staff and their dependents. You will see patients with all types of issues including heart disease, cancer, and in some cases you may get to treat a patient who has an interesting genetic disease that you would not typically see outside of this region of the world.

What can you tell me about my co-workers?

One of the highlights of working in Saudi Arabia, we believe, is getting to know people from around the world! Your co-workers will be healthcare professionals and support staff from Saudi Arabia, as well as from many other countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, countries across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Jordan, the Philippines, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa, and more.

Do I need to wear a uniform at the hospital?

Yes. In keeping with Islamic traditions (men and women) nurses wear uniforms that cover their shoulders and legs to the ankle. For female employees this will be a loose fitting trousers suit where the top comes down to mid-thigh length and sleeves reach the elbow. The hospital will provide your uniform; socks and shoes are not included. Just like at home, most medical personnel wear running shoes or sketchers. 

During the initial orientation while awaiting your uniform, you are not permitted to wear jeans. You should have a "professional wardrobe".

As a nurse, you wear a uniform similar to what you wear at home. You can have a white or colored tunic with mid arm length sleeves and white trousers. Critical care nurses wear scrubs. Hats are not worn. You do not have to wear an abaya while in the hospital.

What if my job doesn't require a uniform?

Professional clothing is expected for all staff that is not required to wear a uniform in their job. Jeans are not permitted.

How will I keep my professional skills up to date? Can I continue my education?

Yes, it is possible to continue your education in all hospitals. The hospitals have very strong links with universities in US, UK and Australia. Most overseas nurses set up their courses with Universities in their home country and do courses online. Online medical libraries from around the world are available from the hospital. Most wards have an in-service education program; nursing educators are available and offer further education for both trained staff and nursing students.


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