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Recruiting Process 

How do I apply for a role?

You can start the process by searching our jobs data base. If you see an attractive role, you can apply straight away by clicking on the "Apply for this job" button. After this, you just need to complete a simple registration form. The form tries to capture basic details, including your contact information and your preferred method of initial contact, as well as the best times to reach you. Please note the number(s) of the role(s) in the field "the country/ location and the job you are interested in."

At no time will Professional Connections ask you for payment, this will be settled by the client hospitals. 

If possible, please have your resume / CV ready to share with us. Alternatively, you can also email us at jobs@profco.com. In the email we would need information including:

If you are a new grad then tell us about your internship work experience. We will respond to you with the jobs you are eligible to apply for.

What if I don't see a role that seems like an immediate fit?

We are constantly adding new jobs to our database. Even if you do not see the perfect role or we are not working on an exact match position currently, there is no need to worry. We maintain a database of professional candidates who are actively seeking positions in all specialities and sub-specialties, including cardiology, emergency medicine, paediatrics, neonatal, critical care, obstetrics, and generalist areas. So, yes, please register with Professional Connections so we can alert you when we think we have identified a potential match.

Please note: We do not use your email or other contact information for any purpose other than to alert you to new opportunities, dates of upcoming recruiting events, and of course, logistics for your interview. You can opt out of our emails at any time.

So what happens once I've pressed the 'register' button?

You will be automatically sent a notification email to tell you that we have received your application. Our recruitment team, who are all former or currently RNs or other medical staff, will then review your details with the requirements needed for your chosen role. We aim to let each and every candidate know the outcome within 24 hours. If you have not heard from us within that time it may be because we are really busy, but rest assured we will try to get back to everyone.

When will I hear back about my application?

You can expect to receive an answer within 24 hours. Throughout the recruitment process, we will keep you updated via emails, text messages and scheduled phone calls. First, you will receive an information and application pack to read in advance of a phone time. When we call you, we will explore the roles you are eligible for and give you more details to enable you to decide which role you will apply for.

How many interviews do I need to attend?

Once you return the application forms, a time is set up for a pre-screening interview with a recruiter at Professional Connections. The purpose of this interview is to ask you both general and clinical questions, as the interview will mirror the final interview you will have with the hiring manager from the hospital.

Your file is then submitted to your chosen hospital for the hospital's recruiter to shortlist. Once you are shortlisted, a telephone, face to face or SKYPE interview will be set up with the manager of the unit. We will always give you sufficient notice and preparation time, so you will not be taken by surprise!

In addition, most of our hospitals conduct at least one recruiting trip each year to the US as well as to the UK, Ireland, around Europe and Australia. 

What happens if I am successful with the interview and advance to the offer stage?

This is the bit we love! At this stage, you will be sent an offer letter. You will be assigned a dedicated contact person from the Professional Connections recruitment team. They will contact you, talk you through the provisional offer and give you time to think about your decision. 

Our Recruitment Consultants are available 24/7 to advise and assist you in all aspects of your post offer recruitment logistics. Once the recruitment logistics are finalized, and all aspects are satisfactory, the final offer is issued. At this point the initial offer is contingent upon references, medical clearance and obtaining a visa.

How do Professional Connections assist successful candidates with visas and licenses?

Each country has different requirements, but the Professional Connections and the hospital will help you every step of the way. We call this back-end recruitment logistics. You will be asked to submit references and contact details and advised how to obtain a criminal record clearance certificate. We will undertake a primary source verification on all your qualifications and verify your registrations/ license(s). We will also advise you how to have your qualifications notarized and legalized. This is a requirement for obtaining your license and is also necessary for visa processing. You will need to undertake a medical examination for both the hospital and for visa processing. We will supply the forms to you, along with detailed explanations. Your dedicated contact person will guide you through all the stages.

What is the length of time from receiving an offer of employment until I start work?

This will vary depending on the country you are moving to. During your pre-screening interview, we will plan the anticipated start date and will be aiming for that at every stage of the recruitment process. Most hospitals have an orientation date once a month. If there is a delay with your back-end recruitment logistics then you, Professional Connections and most importantly the hospital will agree to a new estimated start date.

Where will I do my medical examination?

Visa processing is different for each country. For example in Australia, you will meet with a panel of doctors for your medical examination. For the Middle East, you can select the doctor yourself. Professional Connections will explain clearly to you the labs and examinations you need to undertake and tell you how the forms need to be completed so they are accepted by the relevant embassies.

How do I obtain a license?

Professional Connections will advise you on the documents you need to gather to complete your portfolio. To license in Australia with APHRA you will need to be licensed before we process an interview. For the Middle East, licensing is undertaken once you have an offer of employment and is a very simple process.

Can I speak to someone already working in the unit?

Often in partnership with our client hospitals, Professional Connections offers a buddy system whereby you will be introduced by email to a future colleague. You can make contact with that person just after you receive your offer of employment. We will ask you to undertake the same courtesy to someone else once you are on site.

Will I travel with someone else?

As the orientation dates are once a month, we have a number of starters every month. We will put you in touch with the nurses travelling from your country, and from the other countries if you wish, so you can start getting to know each other before arrival. Generally, this subgroup sets up a Facebook page and WhatsApp group so you can all support each other and get to know each other.

Do I have a meet and greet on arrival?

Yes! A Professional Connections or hospital representative will meet you at the airport on arrival.

What if my flight is delayed when I am travelling?

Professional Connections offer all candidates 24/7 support. Please inform us and the meet and greet a person in charge of your itinerary, if your flight changes or is delayed.

Does Professional Connections continue to support us once on site?

Yes! We want to support all candidates to help you make a successful transition into your new job. We have a nurse on hand if you wish to discuss any professional issues and our offices are open 24/7.

While Professional Connections representatives are always available, you will find our client hospitals offer great support to their expatriate nurses as they are quite eager to invest in your success. Additionally, all of our clients have very developed orientation programs in place.

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