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                            West Hertfordshire

Each of WHHT's hospitals are located close enough to enjoy the benefits of London whilst avoiding the inflated living costs.

There are excellent road and rail connections to London as well as many of the UK's other big cities.  Central London can be reached within about an hour from all three hospitals by train.


Hertfordshire offers a wide range of options for living.  We have accommodation close to the hospital at GBP 550 per month you can walk to work, so you will save on transport costs. WIFI, utility bills and council tax is included in this price. 

For some nurses, the best option is to rent one of the apartments owned by the hospital.  They currently have 50 apartments that cost approximately £500 per month.  Your recruiter can advise you on availability if you are interested in this option.

Local Transport

How do I get to work?

This part of the country enjoys extremely good local transport links, so getting to work shouldn't be a worry.  You will easily learn the local bus routes and timetables to get you where you need to be!


There are five main lines into London from Watford alone - you can be in the heart of the city in around an hour! Watford even has a London underground station, with another to come.

The county is well positioned on mainline tracks to the Midlands, north-west and Scotland, so if you're interested in taking some longer, scenic train trips, this could be the perfect base for you.


The M1 and M25 motorways pass close by the hospitals, as do the A1 and A41. There are discounted car parking facilities for staff at all three sites and a salary sacrifice scheme, so you can buy a car more affordably.

Schools and Colleges

Hertfordshire is well-known for its excellent schools - some of the highest performing schools in the country are in the county and the surrounding area. We have put together the list below to help you get started.

State schools www.education.gov.uk
Private schools www.universitiesuk.ac.uk
University www.ucas.ac.uk
Fees www.ukprivateschools.com

Nightlife, Shopping and Leisure

There is plenty to see and do in Hertfordshire, no matter your tastes.


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