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United Kingdom > Testimonials > Malaysian nurse working at West Herts NHS Trust

Where are you originally from & how long have you been a nurse?  

I am originally from Malaysia and have been a nurse for 20 years.

How long have you been in the UK now, and which city are you currently living in? 

I am here in the UK for 3 months, living in Watford.

What were your thoughts/impressions during your first days in the UK? Was it what you expected, or vastly different? How so?

My first day in the UK was amazing. It was winter and the air was fresh. People here are very polite and friendly. Everyone is following the rules and the country is so well managed.

How was the recruitment / onboarding process?

The recruitment process was good and very well organised. I received much support and assistance from the team, which in terms reduced my anxiety.

What was the arrival and orientation process like? Was it helpful in terms of getting yourself set up for life in the UK?

The arrival and orientation process was going smoothly. The hospital provided us with accommodation payment, which I feel grateful for in terms of supporting us financially.

What is it like at work? Is it vastly different to working back home, or much the same?

Working here in the UK is different. The nurse-to-patient ratio is overwhelming in my current hospital. However, the number of shifts is lesser.

What is are the housing and recreation facilities like?

The housing that I am renting is above satisfactory, which is only a 5 to 10 minutes walk to the hospital. Moreover, I have my own bathroom and the kitchen has spaces to accommodate all the tenants.

What is the social life like?

From sports to nature, shopping and arts, Watford gives us plenty of things to do and see. And it's very close to Centre of London.

Do you manage to get out sightseeing etc. much? Is getting around easy to manage?

Yes, I did my sightseeing in London and also Newcastle. Getting around here is very early with the tube and buses are easily accessible.

How has the decision to work in the UK affected you, professionally and personally?

I didn't regret making the decision to work in the UK. Here, I can see people from all walks of life and experience different cultures.

Do you have any tips or advice for other nurses who are contemplating the move to the UK?

I strongly recommend you to come to work in the UK to gain your life and work experience. Besides, you can bring your family with you. People here are receiving high standards of health and educational support.

Lee February 2024


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