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First, you will register to our portal profco.me  https://www.profco.me 

Once you have finished, you can preview your new CV by choosing the option in the 'CV Builder'. Proofread your CV for errors and ensure all dates are correctly inputted. Put Capital letters where they should be and ensure the punctuation is correct. Edit content when copying information so that it reads like your CV, not content for other purposes such as marketing. 

Your job title must be accurate. 

The Employer Description should include the name of the hospital and where it is located, how many beds and what specialties it caters for.

The Unit Description should also be completed for each employer - The unit description should include the type of ward (ICU, Med / Surg, acute medical etc), the amount of beds on the ward, and the type of patients the ward caters for on a daily basis. Include any equipment specific to your ward in this section

These should be done for each employer from when you graduated. 


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