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How much does an nurse earn in Saudi Arabia?

Salaries vary depending on the hospital you will work in, your experience and your Country of origin.   Please email us to jobs@profco.com, inform a) The number of years post graduate experience you have and b) summarise your experience for the past 24 months.  Tell the Employer, the unit/ward area you have been working in. 

Is the salary really tax-free?

Yes.  There is no tax deducted from your salary in Saudi Arabia.  However, please be aware that it is your responsibility to meet any tax obligations you may have in your home country.  We recommend that you contact the relevant authorities for advice.

How can I transfer my salary?

Typically, you will be paid at the end of each month in Saudi Riyals (SR), directly into your bank account. You will open a local bank account with full internet banking facilities, as you would expect.  It is very easy to manage your bills and transfer money back home.

Are there any bonuses?

Yes, some hospitals have a sign-on bonus of $2,500 for a one year contract and $5,000 for a two-year contract. Also, there is a 15-day service award for each completed year. Some hospitals also offer one month salary as an end-of-year bonus.

How long is the contract?

There are short term 90 or 180 day contracts with an option to extend as well as one or two year contracts.

Do I get free healthcare?

The hospital provides free healthcare for you including vaccinations. However, dental care is emergency only.

What are the working hours?

The working hours are 42.5 in some hospitals and 44  hours per week in others. Generally, nurses work 22 shifts in a six week period, rotating between days and nights. Shifts are 07:00-19:30  and 19:00-07:30.

Some clinical areas operate during standard business hours but do note that the working week in Saudi Arabia is Sunday-Thursday.

What benefits are offered?

How much experience do I need to work in Saudi Arabia?

Our client hospitals require a minimum of two years post-graduate experience, some require three. Our experienced recruiters will assess your application and help you decide which hospital is perfect for you.

Generally, as our client hospitals are the leading tertiary referral centres, you need to have experience from a University or teaching hospital.

I am a male nurse, can I work in Saudi Arabia?

Yes - we often have vacancies for male nurses. However, Saudi Arabia is an Islamic society and males cannot nurse females or children without a female present.  This limits the type of vacancies that you can apply for.  Male nurses are most likely to be hired for male wards and critical care areas, such as ER and ICU.

I do not have a UK, European or Australian passport - can I apply?

We are contracted to recruit UK,  European, Australian, New Zealand,  passport holders only. For this reason, we can only process your application if you hold one of these passports.

If you do not have one of these passports, you can still apply for a post.  You simply have to contact a local agent who is contracted to recruit from your geographical region.

Am I free to leave whenever I want?

Yes, you can leave at any time.  Just like any other job, it is recommended that you resign as per the terms of your contract and work your notice period (typically one month).

In the event that I have a complaint against my employer, is there any support available?

Yes.  The Saudi Labor Court defends employees in such cases.

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