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Q1. Where are you originally from & how long have you been a nurse?

I'm from Finland and been as a nurse soon for 20 years. 

Q2. How long have you been in Saudi Arabia now, and which city are you currently living in?

I live in Riyadh and been here for 5 months soon. Also, I was here before 2017-2019. 

Q3. Have you always wanted to work in Saudi Arabia?

Not always but the thought just popped into my mind in 2016 suddenly and without warning. Why not?

Q4. What were your thoughts/impressions during your first days in Saudi Arabia? Was it what you expected, or vastly different? How so?

Year 2017 Was completely different from 2020 as I came here. It's much more open minded nowadays and easier in many ways.

Q5. Did you find the airport arrival difficult/stressful or was it manageable?

The airport arrival was enough easy as I was properly informed in advance about what measures I should take and what to prepare myself for.

Q6. What was the arrival and orientation process like? Was it helpful in terms of getting yourself set up for life in KSA?

It was helpful. Of course, it was easier for me now because I was here earlier and new the organization and the country already.

Q7. What was the licensing/registration process like? Did you find it difficult or easy? Was the information and assistance from Profco helpful in terms of licensing?

Everyone should prepare themselves for frustrations and setbacks, but everything will be sorted out eventually. You are not left alone to handle things. Profco helps a lot along with the Hospital.

Q8. What is it like at work? Is it vastly different to working back home, or much the same?

Work here differs a lot from work back home. It's not that straightforward as many things here are specialized and things might take more time in order to get them done. It takes a lot of work to familiarize yourself with hospital protocols and with the system in order to work efficiently and accurately. Also, my work area (ER) is more of a medical ER and I deal with very much different patient material that I have been used to. Still, something I can handle just fine.

Q9. Do you struggle a lot with the language barrier or is it manageable?

Little bit of struggling Sometimes but nothing overwhelming. You get better along the way. It's totally manageable.

Q10. What is are the housing and recreation facilities like?

My flat is great. Spacious and new. Quite far away for some but not for me. About 30min bus drive from the hospital.

Q11. What is the social life like?

I don't need social life here. I'm here for the money and keeping myself safe and healthy. But social life here for some is important and if you're keen on it, you will find social life here more than you need.

Q12. Do you manage to get out sightseeing etc. much? Is getting around easy to manage?

You get great opportunities for sightseeing etc. Getting around is easy here. For me this time no need to spend my money on such things.

Q13. How has the decision to work in Saudi Arabia affected you, professionally and personally?

One of the best things happened to my life.

Q14. Do you have any tips or advice for other nurses who are contemplating the move to Saudi?

Keep open minded attitude. Stay positive. Focus on the things why you came here for and remind yourself about those things. Surround yourself with people who find this place a nice place and who like to live here. Get Saudi friends. And don't try to invent the wheel again.

February 2021 


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