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Who are my patients?

Saudi Arabia is home to many expatriates so you can be treating patients of any nationality, not just Saudi Arabian!  You may treat hospital staff and their dependents. 

You will see all types of health conditions that you would expect in a major hospital however, in some cases you may have the opportunity to treat a patient with a genetic disease that you would not typically see in your home country.

What can you tell me about my colleagues?

One of the highlights of working in Saudi Arabia is getting to know people from around the world. Your colleagues will be healthcare professionals and support staff from Saudi Arabia, as well as from many other countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Jordan, the Philippines, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa, and more.

Do I need to wear a uniform at work?

Yes, most positions require a uniform. The uniform is provided by the hospital, although you are expected to bring you own shoes and socks for work.  Most staff wear comfortable athletic shoes.

There may be a short wait before you are given your uniform.  You should be prepared to come to work in appropriate business dress during these first days.  Women can wear an abaya until uniforms are supplied.

What if my job doesn't require a uniform?

All non-uniform staff are expected to wear business dress - casual clothing/jeans are not permitted.  When shopping for work clothes, remember to consider the culture within Saudi Arabia.  Ensure that all of your business clothing is modest.  Your recruiter can advise you further if you are unsure.

How will I keep my professional skills up to date? Can I continue my education?

Yes, it is possible to continue your education in all hospitals. The hospitals have very strong links with universities in US, UK and Australia.

Most overseas nurses set up their courses with Universities in their home country and do courses online. Online medical libraries from around the world are available from the hospital.

In addition to this, most wards have an in-service education program; nursing educators are available and offer further education for both trained staff and nursing students.


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