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Vacancies exist in all areas for Registered Nurses, Clinical Educators, Assistant Head Nurses, Head Nurses, Advancecd Nurse Practitioners and Program Directors. 


Tax-free salary

Paid in Saudi Riyals (SR). Salaries advised on application (depends on position and the area you are assigned to).

Airline Tickets

Beginning and end of one-year contract and one extra each time you re-contract:

Annual Leave

Total of 54 days (36 days of annual leave, 17 days for public holidays and 1 day for the National Day). You can take your holidays once you have completed your 90 day probationary period. The Annual Leave (accrued) may be taken at anytime after three months depending on the department's scheduled leave plan.

Emergency Leave

In the event of death of an employee's natural parent, spouse or child

Sick Leave

In the event of on-work related disability, injury or illness.

An employee shall be granted full pay for a maximum of 30 calendar days and 75% of full pay for an additional 60 calendar days in each service year.

Any sickness in excess of two (2) days requires an acceptable medical verification of illness, otherwise such absence will be treated as leave without pay.


Renewable contracts with a one or two year initial contract.

Bonus payments

The King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre recognises the contributions of its staff and the benefits associated with stability in the workforce. For this reason, KFSH & RC offers generous service bonuses equal to one month's salary upon completion of each contract year, beginning after the second contract year.

Severance Pay

As an international employee of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre you are entitled to receive severance pay upon completion of your contract and subsequent repatriation. This is a one-time payment made upon your final departure from the Hospital and is accrued throughout your tenure within the Hospital. Severance pay accrues at a rate of 15 days pay for each of your first four years, and 30 days pay for the fifth and subsequent years.

Relocation Allowance

As an international employee of the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, a generous relocation allowance will be offered to you upon both initial hire and repatriation (some restrictions apply). The amount of this relocation allowance depends upon your point of origin and your contract status.

Medical and Dental Treatment

As an international employee of the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre you are entitled to Medical Care through the Family Medicine Department. For the first year, dental treatment is on an emergency basis only, with basic dental care provided thereafter. Basic dental care incorporates that which is necessary to maintain good oral health, but does not include such procedures as crowns, bridges, partial or full dentures, or orthodontics.

Further Education Opportunities

As well as offering an excellent orientation, the nursing staff at KFSH & RC have many opportunities to further their education. There are a number of in-house courses and speciality certifications that run on an annual basis as well as continuous in-service training across all nursing units and programmes. 

In addition, for those nurses interested in undertaking a Master's Degree, they can do so via distance learning.

For those nurses interested in continuing education, there is an unlimited access to the hospital's library where there is a full range of international nursing journals and textbooks available. In addition, all nursing employees have access to the computer lab in Nursing Education and Research department for study purposes.  

In addition to the above, there are also ongoing academic conferences held at KFSH&RC with many leading international specialists as the keynote speakers. They are also able to link up to other international conferences via advanced teleconferencing facilities. Furthermore, the Nursing Staff regularly give lectures via teleconferences to other hospitals throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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