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Saudi Arabia > Saudi Arabia FAQs > Licensing with The Saudi Commission For Health Specialties (SCFHS)

You will need to obtain a license to practice in Saudi Arabia from The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS - this is the body which governs the practice of all healthcare practitioners in Saudi Arabia).

There are three main steps

Part one- Verification of documents by Dataflow or Professional Connections. 

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties  requires a primary source verification of your credentials (license, qualification and employment history).

Part two - Professional Classification on the Mumaris+

The online portal for the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) is called 'Mumaris Plus'.  In order to apply for classification to obtain your eligibility number to take the Prometric Exam you will need to set up a Mumaris account. 

To request Professional Classification, you need to upload, at the very least, your primary nursing qualification, your active nursing license and an employment certificate.

The SCFHS has a list of approved qualifications which you can select from a drop down menu. Most nurses who have graduated in recent times will be able to select their qualification from the drop down menu. Nurses who have older qualifications may have an issue in that their qualification is not included in the list.

If your qualification does not exist on the SCFHS list,  you will need to apply for the Qualification(s) to be reviewed and approved before you can request Professional Classification. This is called New Qualification Study (NQS) 

In order to apply an NQS request, you must submit a link to the college/university website that describes the entrance requirements to the course and the full course curriculum. If your qualification is no longer offered by the University or if there are not any official webpages that describe the course, you would have to contact the college/university to see if they have information about the courses you studied. Once you have this information you can then submit a NQS request on your Mumaris account, or we can instruct you on how to do it.

The NQS request costs SR 300 (c GBP 63 / EUR 74) for each qualification.

2. Once the qualifications has been reviewed and approved by the SCFHS, then you can apply for Professional Classification on your Mumaris account. Once you receive your classification you will get an exam eligibility number to use to book the prometric exam.

Classification fee. SR 200 (cGBP 42/EUR 50). 

3. Once you have your exam eligibility number you can book the prometric exam at your nearest test centre. The exam costs approx. 290 USD.  When you pass the exam, you will need  to pay the licensing fee of SR 240 (c GBP 51 / EUR 59) to get your Saudi license which is valid for 2 years.

What you need to know about the Prometric exam

Most applicants ask us what to expect from the exam.  We will provide you with some general guidance and training materials during your process with us so you shouldn't worry too much.  The pass mark is quite low - about 50%.  Generally speaking, our applicants don't struggle to pass this test.  Our own screening procedure is thorough and we will normally have a good idea of your ability to pass long before you make any arrangements to take the exam.

The Prometric exam is a general exam for your job role.  Once your licensing application is underway, you will be provided with a code to book a slot for the exam.  There are various test centres to choose from and likely there is one local to you, but do be prepared for a small amount of travel if you don't live in/near a large city.  

What else do I need to know?

You must maintain your nursing license in your home country whilst working in Saudi Arabia. This is a requirement of our client hospitals.


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