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The SESLHD Mental Health Service is a publicly funded specialised clinical service, serving a local population of over 930,000 residents in the eastern and south eastern suburbs of the Sydney metropolitan area. Our services are geographically networked in the north (Eastern Suburbs Mental Health Service) and the south (St George and Sutherland Mental Health Service) and are provided within both hospital and community settings. 

The SESLHD Mental Health Service remains committed to providing an inclusive and responsive service, by creating targeted initiatives in collaboration with partnerships developed specifically for consumers who have complex and additional needs which may not be met within routine mental health services. We continue to provide services that are tailored across the age spectrum and provide other specialized services to meet the unique needs of our local community. 

We continue to empower our clinicians, staff, and consumers along with our academic and community partners to harness their collective power, challenge the status quo, impact system change, and to positively influence the evolution of the mental health system. 

The SESLHD Mental Health Service supports the development of policies and initiatives to assist community members in understanding mental health, the impact of mental distress on individuals and on those around them, and how and when to access timely, appropriate, and effective treatment.

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