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My experience using Profco and the recruitment process to work as a nurse in The Middle East.


My name is Vivian and I am an Irish nurse who used Professional Connections (Profco) as my recruitment agency.to secure a post for me as a nurse in Saudi Arabia and to assist me with all aspects of the recruitment process.

My recruitment, by Professional Connections, began in January 2014, when I emailed them expressing my interest in a career move to Saudi and an enquiry about possible suitable vacancies and the process involved. Ann,( Managing Director of Profco), promptly replied with a friendly, professional, positive email and so my adventure  began.

Professional Connections do take you there step by step. You will be appointed a key person who deals with and guides you through this process. Appointing this key person is an ideal way to manage each individual's documents and paper trial. They will send you emails and phone you too, each step of the way, with guidance on what nursing document to prepare next and ask you to scan all documents to them for verification. 

On reflection, the first thing I would recommend anyone considering this career and life move to Saudi to do, is, to get your Nursing qualifications together in advance, as these will be requested  and are necessary to process your application.

Also, request your transcripts from the Universities you studied and qualified from and ensure that all your certifications are in English and not in Latin. If not, then send off an email to your graduating institute,  to request the English version. Knowing this in advance and having this underway  will prevent loss of time during the processing of your overall application.  

The completion and verification of all your nursing documents is tedious and long and patience is required. It does test your determination and mettle to work/move to Saudi.....but it is so worth it.

Like myself, most of you will still be working during this process and may indeed have started to pack up a house too. So being organised in advance each week in knowing what document are needed next,  is an advantage, so that you don't get overwhelmed or behind in your process.

I had my medical completed by my GP, in Ireland, who knew me for over 23 years and had this document verified by The Irish Dept of Foreign Affairs. So that part of my process was completed with the support and guidance of Professional Connections. Keep the receipts of your medical etc. as these expenses will be refunded to you. 

Having a key appointed "go to" person from Professional Connections works very well, as then you can link in with and liaise with this person, on a one to one basis, often during the whole process. I would advise you to read all the printed material the agency send you about what it will be like here and what to expect etc. as this is all vital and is correct in its contents. The agencies also takes you through the complex process as smoothly as possible and you do feel they are always working with you as their priority. 

Only when you arrive at the hospital and meet the Recruitment and Retention Department, do you fully realise the complexities involved in processing an application to come here. So, while some of the documents that are requested from you during the process, don't make sense then, they will, when put in the context of being here and you progress to the next part of your process which begins with applying for Saudi Council Registration here.

You need to give at least a six month time frame from start to finish for this process. In this time you can prepare yourself fully, your family/friends, your home and work your notice in your current job, as you process your documents. It is a very busy six months, so pace yourself well and be patient too. 

The final result of being here, living and working in Saudi, is so worth the time and energy put in beforehand preparing.

Without the correct agency working with you, step by step, this process would be prolonged and extremely stressful with an unsure conclusion date. Professional Connections will ensure you have a very positive experience during this process. They value and appreciate your feedback to improve their service too, as you are their client and are therefore their number 1 priority.

Read my blog on my first month in Saudi Arabia here 

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