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The Royal Hospital for Women is a multi-faceted tertiary referral and teaching hospital offering women a wide range of comprehensive women's health services. It is one of the world's leading hospitals for mothers and babies and for women with benign gynaecological and gynae-oncology conditions. The hospital is committed to the provision of excellence in health care for women as well as continued research into how to best provide that care.

The Royal Hospital for Women is close to some of Sydney's best beaches, restaurants and sporting facilities and only fifteen (15) minutes from the Sydney Central Business District and harbour, adding a quality lifestyle to the satisfaction that comes from working within a committed and decided team. The Royal Hospital for Women is situated between the University of New South Wales and Coogee Beach.   

The Royal Hospital for Women (RHW) provides woman-centered care across the continuum of pregnancy, birth and early postnatal period.  RHW is dedicated to our midwifery workforce and the provision of care which promotes a woman's social, emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual and cultural needs. Strong pathways to support midwives working within their full scope of midwifery practice are evident within the organisation and candidates with all levels of experience are welcome to apply. RHW's vision recognises pregnancy and birth is a unique, intense, and transformative psychological experiences that can generate a sense of empowerment, esteem, confidence, and accomplishment that remains with a woman throughout her life.  The maternity division includes various models of care, outpatients department, an antenatal ward, an acute care ward, a birth unit, a breastfeeding support unit, and a postnatal ward and your application is welcomed.

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