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Mental Health Nursing positions we are looking at recruiting, include but are not limited to, the following:

o Registered Nurses

o Clinical Nurse Specialist

o Clinical Nurse Educator

o Clinical Nurse Consultant

o Nurse Practitioner

o Nursing Unit Manager

o Nurse Manager

o Community Case Managers

Summary of Mental Health Specialty Areas

Acute Adult Inpatient Unit 

Caring for adults who are mentally unwell and are experiencing some degree of disability. Projected length of stay of two to six weeks. The general focus of treatment is: o Lessening of symptoms and disability o Pharmacological review and stabilisation o Development of coping skills o Improving functional capacity Working closely with the patient, community team, nominated carer and other care providers to develop a collaborative management plan of recovery and discharge to the community.

Short Stay Unit

Small unit within the Mental Health facility to receive mental health patients presenting to ED. Short length of stay before being referred to appropriate service. The general focus of treatment is: o Assessment, symptom control and referral to appropriate services High Dependency Unit Generally, adults who are in an acute period of mental illness and require an intensive level of care. The treatment model is focused on symptom control, establishing effective pharmacological agents and providing a low stimulus, safe environment. Projected length of stay of three to fifteen days.  Criteria for admission could include:  o absconding risk o suicide or self harm risk o risk to reputation and sexual disinhibition

Intensive Psychiatric Care

Generally adults who are in an acute period of mental illness and require an intensive level of care. Treatment model is focused on symptom control, establishing effective pharmacological agents and providing low stimulus safe environment. Projected length of stay of three to 15 days. Criteria for admission could include: o physically aggressive/assaultive behaviour or at high risk of aggressive behaviour consumers o acute suicidal/homicidal preoccupation o challenging behaviours unable to be managed in less restrictive environments o absconding risk

Child & Adolescent Care

Range of services for children, adolescents and young adults. Treatment model is focused on age appropriate functioning, family support, and schooling/educational needs. Criteria for admission could include: o early psychosis, depression, anxiety, school refusal and oppositional defiant behaviour o suicide or self harm risk o intrusiveness and provocative and unpredictable behaviours

Recovery & Extended Care

Generally adults with a longstanding mental illness who require a period of rehabilitation. Treatment model is focused on functional stability or functional improvement, with a projected length of stay of six to eighteen months. The general focus of treatment is: o Assessment, engagement, and goal setting o Improving social skills, personal effectiveness and independenceo Discharge planning and community integration o intrusiveness and provocative and unpredictable behaviours

Aged Care Mental Health

Generally people 65 years of age and older. Criteria for admission could include: o mental health disorder such as depression, psychosis, anxiety or a severe adjustment disorder o have had a life long or recurring mental illness, and now experience age-related problems causing significant functional disability o severe behavioural or psychiatric symptoms associated with dementia or other long-standing organic brain disorder Parent and Baby Unit Generally for parents who are experiencing significant mental health problems in the perinatal period (before, during and after birth), and who are the primary care-giver for their baby (up to 12 months of age). The parent and their baby are admitted together to facilitate maximum opportunity for healthy attachment and to minimise the trauma of separation. Partners or alternate support person are encouraged to stay overnight to support the care-giving and parent-baby relationship.

Community Mental Health

Variety of services and teams based in the community. A Driver's Licence is required to work in the community.

The minimum requirement is a provisional licence with green P-plate. Providing services such as: o Mental health assessmentso Case Management o Home visits o Support, advice, counselling and short or long term mental health care o Information and support for family, friends and carers o 24 hour Acute Care (Crisis) Service o Referrals

Overview of our Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs)


The CORE team is the mainstay of the community mental health system. CMHTs have an important role to play in supporting consumers and families in community settings. This service provides the core around which specialist service elements are developed. 

Acute Care Services (ACS)

The ACS are based at the following 3 CHCs

1. Camperdown CHC

2. Croydon CHC

3. Canterbury CHC

Each of the three ACS are linked to Community Mental Health Centres. The ACS is a multidisciplinary team that provides mental health assessment and interventions for people experiencing acute mental health problems. This service is accessible 24 hours a day, with clinicians on call after 10pm.

Assertive Outreach Teams (AOT)

The AOT are based at Croydon CHC and Camperdown CHC. The assertive outreach service was developed specifically for adults with persistent mental disorders. These consumers often have a history of fragmented  care and may be difficult to engage. The model of care includes intensive home based treatment. The consumer typically requires more regular and intensive support than what the CMHT can provide.

Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP)

Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) service operates from two sites (Camperdown and Croydon) and aims to improve outcomes for young people in early stages of psychosis. Each of the EIP Services are co-located with service partners.

These co-locations are with Community Mental Health Teams (eg Croydon Mental Health and Brain Mind Research Institute/ Clinical Services / Headspace). The colocation shared models aim to improve the mental and social wellbeing of young peoplethrough the provision of high quality early intervention services that are welcoming, friendly and supportive. Inpatient Services

Inpatient Mental Health Service facilities

are co-located with two major general hospitals in the SLHD. 

The Concord Centre for Mental Health (CCMH) is co-located with the Concord General Repatriation Hospital (CRGH) in the suburb of Concord and 

The Professor Marie Bashir Centre (PMBC) is co-located with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH) in the suburb of Camperdown. Both are standalone Mental Health facilities which are governed by the Mental Health Service.

Concord Centre forMental Health (CCMH)

o Assessment Unit,

o Jara, older persons acute unit, 30 beds

o Norton, adult acute unit, 24 beds

o McKay, 10 bed IPCU + 10 bed male HDU

o Manning, adult acute unit, 24 beds

o Manning East, female HDU, 12 beds

o Broughton, rehabilitation unit, 35 beds

o Kirkbride, rehabilitation unit, 15 beds

o Walker, adolescent unit, 12 beds

The Professor Marie Bashir Centre at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

o Assessment Unit, 6 beds

o Short Stay Unit, 9 beds

o Acute Unit, 25 beds

o High Dependency Unit, 12 bed female

+ 10 bed male

o Peter Beaumont Unit Eating Disorder

Program, inpatient, day patient and outpatient.

o Naamaru - Parent and Baby Unit

Thomas Walker Hospital

Tertiary Referral Service and Teaching Hospital for Sydney University Rivendell, weekdays, child & adolescent unit, non-acute inpatient day and residential programme and outpatients Consultation and Liaison Mental Health Nurses are located at the following hospital sites

o Canterbury Hospital

o Concord Repatriation General Hospital

o Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

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Mental Health Nurse -Community Health Services
Mental Health Nursing Jobs Sydney all specialities.
Registered Mental Health Nurse- Acute (Continuing Care)
Registered Mental Health Nurse- Acute Inpatient Unit
Registered Mental Health Nurse- Acute Psychogeriatric
Registered Mental Health Nurse- Assessment Unit
Registered Mental Health Nurse- Child and Adolescent (Long Stay)
Registered Mental Health Nurse- Eating Disorder Inpatient Program and Short Stay Unit
Registered Mental Health Nurse - Female High Dependency Unit
Registered Mental Health Nurse- Female High Dependency Unit
Registered Mental Health Nurse- Male High Dependancy Unit
Registered Nurse - Camperdown Mobile Assertive Treatment Team (MATT) - Community Mental Health Services
Registered Nurse - Eastern Acute Care Services - Community Mental Health Service
Registered Nurse- Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit (IPCU)
Registered Nurse- Mental Health - Rehabilitation and Extended Recovery

Registered Nurse Mental Health Inpatient Unit, PECC, OPMHU and Community
Registered Nurse, Mental Health Intensive Care Unit (MHICU) - Permanent Full Time - Eastern Suburbs Mental Health Service
Registered Nurse Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre/ Mental Health Unit (PECC/MHU) - St George Mental Health Service

Registered Nurse, Inpatient Mental Health Unit - Sutherland Mental Health Service


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